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As the worldwide market leader, SMA develops and manufactures the solar industry’s most efficient inverters for photovoltaic systems of any size, power class and grid specification – from kilowatt to megawatt.

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SMA - Energy that Changes

SMA - Energy that Changes

Solar inverters are the most important technological component of every photovoltaic power plant. Inverters are intelligent system managers that not only convert direct current generated by photovoltaic modules into gridcompliant alternating current, but also control yields and regulate the grid.

Superior SMA Service

Superior SMA Service

Photovoltaic systems are investments with long-term returns that require long-term partnerships. In addition to leading technology, SMA offers unparalleled professional service support. Available by phone or via e-mail, SMA Service representatives help professionals every step of the way, from the initial planning phase to assisting with on-site commissioning. A variety of warranty options are available to ensure customer satisfaction. Whether extending a standard Sunny Tripower warranty to 20 years or choosing the available 99 percent uptime guarantee on selected Sunny Central service modules, we aim to maximize uptime and protect your investment.


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